Sonja van Hamel is a graphic designer, illustrator and musician.


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Song taken from the album "Satellite Broadcast Kill" by The Leonids. This clip is a registration of a home-made animation machine called "The Light Box". The slides are moved by hand and take you on a trip through a layered landscape situated in Nybyen (Spitsbergen). Cut outs by Sonja Muda van Hamel. Light Box by Eddo Hartmann. Animation by Robert Muda van Hamel

Zinken of Drijven (Klokhuis)

I made the music for a SNAPJE? for KLOKHUIS (Dutch Children's TV program)
(words: Katinka Polderman. video: Sverre Fredrikse)

Satellite Broadcast kill

Wanna know what Satellite Broadcast Kill by The Leonids is about? Here's the video that says it all... Footage from the archive of Jonathan Brown

HOME - clip

Clip with images from our handmade animation machine "The Light Box", that's part of our live visuals. Filmed by Eddo Hartmann, editted by Sonja.

Under The Leonids!

The Leonids in DWDD

More (BLOG)Reviews about THE LEONIDS

You can read some blog reviews (some in dutch) about The Leonids album here:
De Krenten uit de Pop
Here Comes The Flood
Written in Music

COME see & hear The Leonids

Try-out show
Sunday 3 May 2015 - 16:00 h
Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 3
ATTENTION: Zaal 3 is located at De Constant Rebequeplein 20A, The Hague.

THE LEONIDS is a project founded by graphic designer/musician Sonja van Hamel (ex-BAUER). It's a collaboration with Tessa Douwstra, Viktor van Woudenberg and Ralf Pouw (ORLANDO, WOODEN SAINTS) and the electric string trio WEST SIDE TRIO  (Vera van der Bie, Isabella Petersen and Annie Tangberg)
The show at Zaal 3 (Theater aan het Spui) is a try-out for the live show that will launch in fall 2015. The album that was recorded in this set up will be released in November.

The music will be performed with full band for the first time and will be accompanied by visuals that are produced LIVE during the show. These are a follow-up of the "Draw Clips" that Sonja invented in collaboration with photographer Eddo Hartmann. New handmade machines that produce animations and light projections, like "The Shadow Machine", the "Light Box" and "The Sun Machine" will be presented during the show.

Tickets are 10,- in pre-sale (12,50 at the door) Limited seats so order now!
More info and tickets

Photonic Orchestra!

First try-out performance by Photonic Orchestra in W139 Gallery in Amsterdam. On 2 November 2013 (Museumnacht). Photonic Orchestra is a group of musicians and visual artists integrating music, light, color, graphics, light-sculptures and analogue animation into a multi-media LIVE show. Participating artists: Sonja van Hamel, Eddo Hartmann, Jochem van der Spek and Jur de Vries. Musicians: Katharina Thomsen, Tessa Douwstra, Hubert-Jan Hubeek, Jur de Vries and Sonja van Hamel.
Music in this video is a demo for the forthcoming album by Photonic Orchestra. Performed by West Side Trio and Sonja van Hamel. Here's an impression of our show at W139:

Photonic Orchestra from Sonja van Hamel on Vimeo.

Clip for Tini Thomsen

I made a video clip with Eddo Hartmann for Tini Thomsen's track STEP AND RUN from her just released incredible bariton sax-rock-album MAXSAX:

Under The Leonids


May 10th we are playing at live magazine EYE filmcafé with West Side Trio & Tini Thomsen. We will be playing some of Sonja’s tunes but also an extraordinairy cover of the soundtrack: The Rainbow Connection (The Muppet Movie). See the original below, but be prepared for a experimental version!

The show will be recorded between 16:30-17:30 Free entrance so please stop by!
Broadcast is between 22:00-23:00 on VPRO De Avonden Radio 6

EYE Filmcafé - VPRO De Avonden Radio 6
Host: Lotje Ijzermans
Location: EYE filmuseum
IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam

Sometimes - to be screened at Incredible Short Film Festival, Sydney!


“Draw Clip” of several zoetrope and phinakistoscope loops, drawn by Sonja. The animation machines were build and filmed by Eddo Hartmann.

The roman Empire

Below you see a video of Sonja van Hamel and band performing The Roman Empire “Draw Clip” at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam, 17 oct 2011. The Pop-up book was flipped over and projected live by Eddo Hartmann. Also watch the original Draw Clip

Transcendental Man - Slow Motion Flipbook

Transcendental Man - Slow Motion Flipbook from Sonja van Hamel on Vimeo.

The Freezing Time machine

“Freezing Time” (rough mix) is an outtake from the album “Transcendental Man” (2011). The video shows The Freezing Time Machine: a construction made of Meccano by Eddo Hartmann, that reproduces a drawn landscape (drawn by Sonja) seen through a train window.

The Freezing Time Machine from Sonja van Hamel on Vimeo.

Muizenhuis Best Verzorgd 2012

Deel 2 van “Het Muizenhuis, Sam en Julia in het theater” van Karina Schaapman is verkozen tot 1 van de Best Verzorgde Boeken 2012! Grafisch ontwerp deed ik samen met Yolanda huntelaar van Werkplaats Amsterdam. De prachtige fotografie is van Eddo Hartmann

Website design

As much as I love print, I DO design websites too!
So, I designed my own but also the site of my all time cellist, arranger & friend
Annie Tangberg. Take a look at her newly launched website HERE
If you want me to design for you too, don't hesitate to contact me: son@sonjavanhamel.nl

Die Abentuer des Prinzen Achmed - live score

On Sun 11 November we played newly composed LIVE soundtrack to the incredible animationfilm Die Abentuer des Prinzen Achmed (1926) by Lotte Reiniger, in EYE filmmuseum, Amsterdam. Music written and played by Sonja van Hamel (wurlitzer piano, guitaret), Tessa Douwstra (guitar, bass, harp, percussion) and Tini Thomsen (bassclarinet, flute, cajon). Here's a registartion of our performance in 2 parts:

Die Abentuer des Prinzen Achmed - part 2

What are Draw Clips?

Watch the video below of The Roman Empire: a handmade book with drawings is flipped over and projected LIVE on stage during my shows. To see how it's performed live also watch The Roman Empire - Behind the scenes on Stage mentioned as of the most inventive videoclips of 2011 by MusicFrom.nl !!!
More about Draw Clips on the VIDEO & DRAWINGS page!

The past year I did artwork & graphic design...

...for quite some musicians and bands:

Ken Stringfellow - Danzig in the Moonlight
Theo Nijland - 't Begin van het einde (photo: Eddo Hartmann)
Martin Fondse - Testimoni  with Eric Vloeimans & Matangi Quartet
(photo: Eddo Hartmann)
Eva Auad
Dusty Stray (collage: Jonathan Brown)
The Universal Thump
Lewis Phillips (release 1 nov 2012)
Tini Thomson


I was invited by The Dutch Foundation of Literature to play on the opening night at the Literature Festival in Barcelona and Madrid.
We are playing in acoustic set up with Annie Tangberg on cello, Hanna Vink on vocals, banjo and melodica and myself on keys and vocals. Hanna will be replaced by Marit de Loos (Scram C Baby, ex-Caesar) in Barcelona.
For these shows I made a serie of drawings and paintings that accompany the songs in images and words. This will be filmed and projected live in different sequences by Odilo Girod (in Mardrid) and Eddo Hartmann (in Barcelona).
The concept for these shows was created by Dick Tuinder and myself in October 2009 when we did a couple of shows in the Melkweg (Amsterdam) called WINTERLAND LIVE.
Dick Tuinder made some amazing paintings and combined those with clips from his multi-layered movie WINTERLAND (where I wrote the soundtrack for).
Watch the live-shows and trailer on You Tube.

Here's me working on a painting of a freeway for a new song called "395" (my favourite interstate in California.
Soon more about these shows!